Chamber U Leadership Academy

Chamber U (CULA) is a collaboration with the Local School District to create a stronger link between the community, businesses, and the schools through leadership training. The program builds skills that will be carried into the schools to support a diverse culture and positively impact students who will one day make up our workforce. 

WCLCA and the Lakota Local School district have come together to engage our business community with school district leadership to enhance the leadership and management skills of the participants.  CULA will provide community experiences as well as direct interaction with business leaders from our community.  This professional development program will help develop skills and ideas to the participants that can be carried into the schools and classrooms at all ages.  As the need for workforce development continues, we strive to equip our schools with real-time, real-world expectations of the up and coming workforce.  This program is designed to enhance the business relationships within our community and district as well as positively impact the students who are soon to be entering the 21st Century workplace.  

CULA will focus on three key areas of personal development: Leadership Skills Training, Community Awareness, and Interaction with Industry.  Each class of up to 25 participants is selected from applications from Lakota teachers and administrators representing 22 school district buildings.  During the opening retreat and the full day sessions, the class will explore, in-depth, one of the three areas listed above; learning valuable leadership skills, learning about and visiting key community landmarks and meeting with industry leaders to get a clear picture of our local business climate to better perform their day-to-day responsibilities.  At every session, the class will become more acquainted with the key opportunities and challenges facing our Lakota community. 

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