Marketing Opportunities
We have what just members need to promote their businesses and gain maximum exposure within our community. Call on us today!

Sustaining Sponsorship Program

As a Sustaining Sponsor with The West Chester  Liberty Chamber Alliance, your organization will consistently be positioned as an involved community leader in the region and have a continual presence at all Chamber Alliance events and programs throughout the year. 

Sustaining Sponsor recognition is provided at all signature events, on our website with your logo & a link to your website, on the Sponsorship Wall located prominently in the Chamber Alliance office lobby, in all Chamber publications and much more!


Your sponsorship will be customized through a point system and individually tailored to best suit your organization’s needs. 

To find out more call Jillian Wiesner at 513-777-3600 or email

advertise in The VOICE Business Quarterly

This all-new magazine will spotlight Chamber Members, highlight special events, feature new Chamber initiatives, and so much more in a full-color, crisp, contemporary digital publication.


Each issue of The VOICE Business Quarterly will be emailed to Chamber Members, pushed out on our social media, and made available on The Chamber Alliance website. Whether you are a small or large business, offering products or providing services to our community, we hope you will want your ad featured in this quarterly publication. 


Contact Chamber Member Kathy Moore for ad sizes, pricing, and detailed specs.  Email or call 913-951-8441.


advertise in CONNECTIONS

Connections is the WCLCA’s annual full-color, full-size community guide and member directory. The print edition is distributed to all Chamber Members and key community leaders. Issues are also kept in our lobby, made available at Chamber events, displayed in high-traffic community locations, and shared with area business professionals exploring Chamber membership. Additionally, the all-new, interactive digital edition is featured prominently on our website and ad content is pushed out all year long on our social media.


Contact Chamber Member Kathy Moore for ad sizes, pricing, and detailed specs.  Email or call 913-951-8441.

dedicated Email Blast

This email serves as a marketing piece that is dedicated to the organization purchasing the blast. Businesses create the graphics/flyer and submit it to the Chamber Alliance marketing team for distribution to over 5000 subscribing email addresses. Date and time of distribution are selected by the purchaser and, if requested, can be followed with analytics on the open/click rate of the campaign. Contact us for pricing and availability.

To find out more call Jenni Birch Szolwinski at 513-777-3600 or email

Become an ambassador

Volunteering as a Chamber Ambassador provides a great business marketing opportunity for the Ambassador. Face-to-face meetings to share the many benefits of being a Chamber member are also the perfect segue to build business relationships. Ambassadors seize the opportunity to connect with other businesses to introduce themselves to the Chamber community. Conversations can lead to future business deals, partnerships and more. Developing personal relationships while representing the Chamber results in a win-win marketing opportunity.

To find out more call Yasmen Brown-Jones at 513-777-3600 or email