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Located in southwestern Ohio, Lakota Local Schools is the largest suburban public school district in southwest Ohio. It's also the eighth largest school district in the state, and the largest of all 10 public school districts in Butler County. Employing about 1,700 teachers and support staff, the K-12 district serves the communities of West Chester and Liberty Townships.

At Lakota Local Schools, we pride ourselves in providing a student-centered education that prepares every student for success after graduation in one of the four Es: Enrollment in college, Enlistment in the military, Employment in our workforce, or Entrepreneurship. From personalized learning to an incredible range of curricular and extracurricular programs, it’s about providing every student with every opportunity to explore their passions.

Butler Tech connects high school and adult students to career technical education in more ways than ever. Offering more than 200 unique courses across junior high and high school campuses and adult education programming, Butler Tech’s passionate educators are on a shared mission to prepare students who are career-ready and college-prepared.  Butler Tech is 100% committed to an education revolution!


For more information on Butler Tech’s high school and adult education opportunities, please visit our website!

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