Leadership 21 - Regional Issues Day

If you’ve been around the West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance at all over the last two decades, you have heard Chamber President & CEO Joe Hinson champion the exciting potential of the I-75 Growth Corridor – the expansion of the Dayton and Cincinnati metropolitan areas converging at the center in West Chester and Liberty Townships. It’s difficult to visualize the vast opportunity, and incredible things already happening in this area, but boarding a tour bus with 25 other local professionals of the Leadership 21 Class of 2022 to traverse the Growth Corridor, what Joe has been telling us about all these years came into sharper focus.

The title of our day was “Regional Issues” but the schedule of stops offered few hints as to exactly what we would be learning; MidPointe Library, Junk King Cincinnati, Miami Valley Gaming were just a few places on the list. Seemingly unrelated, they all had one important thing in common – a focus on building and improving our community.

Through their business practices, outreach, and philanthropy each organization we visited was working toward this goal. Kemba Credit Union empowers each branch to engage employees to make a difference in their local community. Across Union Centre, Midpointe Library provides innovative programming for all ages. To the south, Junk King takes time to sort and recycle or donate items whenever possible, partnering with dozens of local nonprofits. And up north, Clark Schaeffer Hackett was the first business to make its home at Austin Landing and is leading the way in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

West Chester and Liberty Townships’ Economic Development teams, and organizations like REDI Cincinnati, are helping to drive the growth and opportunity. And MetroParks of Butler County maintain beautiful green spaces that improve quality of life and drive tourism. All of this offers a mere snapshot of a regional story that could fill pages.

Although I’m not a native of West Chester or Liberty Township, having worked in this community for nearly 9 years, it has become my second home. Gaining a better understanding of what this area truly offers, and seeing where its headed, was an invaluable experience. If everyone could board the Chamber Alliance Tour Bus and see it firsthand, we’d all be spreading the Growth Corridor message alongside Joe.

To learn more about Leadership 21 and how to join the Class of 2023, please contact Yasmen Brown-Jones at ybrownjones@thechamberalliance.com or 513.777.3600.